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And like the boxer for men, women seem to not mind being caught in their boyshorts.

The boyshort has almost become loungewear. I suggest a couple of pairs in fun colors to add to your lingerie drawer. Oh, and when making your selection, look for a boyshort with a gusset crotch design. They have fewer tendencies to ride-up. Briefs Briefs are the "comfort food" of lingerie. When you want to be just plain comfortable and know that what you're wearing won't show panty lines, briefs are a girls best friend. Briefs also come with hi-cut legs for a little sexier look should you be "caught" wearing a pair.

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Crotchless Okay, stop screaming. I'm not saying you have to have one. But, they can be a lot of fun. At HerRoom, we've tried to at least take the mystery out of this garment. We recommend starter ones, we describe all the features, we give you measurements, and most of all, we show you how they look on.

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Oh, and contrary to their name, they are not crotchless; the crotch is split down the center. So, take a look and see what you think. But be forewarned, I'm telling you now, men get a big rise out of them G-string A g-string is a handy item. Some women wear them every day. However, if you're not one of them, it's nice to have one around for those times when you want no panty lines showing.

Many women find this more comfortable to wear than a g-string. It too reduces visible panty lines. Keep reading.

The Panty Piñata Polarization

But, Mom, she keeps sitting in my spot. And she touched my food. Okay, yes, I took her clothes, but she started it. Why should I have to apologize? I really don't think this is the kind of thing Jesus concerns himself with. No, you're right. I don't really know what Jesus thinks about. All right! Leonard: Are you kidding me? I already have 2 strikes. Sheldon: You know, I do recall seeing some female undergarments. Where was that? Oh, yes.

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Earlier this evening, I happened to gaze out the window and a brassiere caught my eye. Do those look familiar? Correct this quote Quote from Sheldon. Penny: This has gotten way out of hand, okay. I've done some stupid things, you've done some stupid things. How about we just call it even, and move on with our lives? Sheldon: I've done no stupid things. Penny: Look, you've gotta meet me halfway here. Sheldon: I am meeting you halfway. I'm willing to concede that you've done some stupid things. Sheldon: I am very, very sorry for what I have done.

Here's your laundry, I rescind your strikes and you are no longer banished. Penny: What was my first strike? Sheldon: March 18th, you violated my rule about forwarding email humor. Penny: I did? Sheldon: The photo of the cat who wants to "Has Cheeseburger? They're cute and they can't spell because they're cats.

Sheldon: I trusted you with my email address and you betrayed that trust by sending me internet banality. Strike one. Touching my food. Strike two. Penny: Get them down! Sheldon: Apologize. Penny: Never. Sheldon: Then you just get a very long stick and play panty pinata! You are probably wondering why you cannot IM with your little friends about how much you heart various things. Well, this recorded message is alerting you that I am putting an end to your parasitic piggybacking upon our WiFi. If you want to remedy the situation you can contact the phone company, set up your own WiFi and pay for it, or you may apologize to me.

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Correct this quote Quote from Leonard. Penny: Look, I said I wanted to hurt him, but this? Leonard: It will shorten the war by five years and save millions of lives. Sheldon: Why? Penny: Well, you have three strikes. One, coming in.

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  • Two, sitting down. Raj : Hold on a second. Howard : Yeah. Raj : That isn't Klingon. It's yiddish for meat-filled dumpling!

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    • Howard : Well, as it turns out it's also a Klingon word. Leonard : Really? Define it. Howard : Kreplach a hearty Klingon Sheldon: On computer screen Hello, puny insects, as a consequence of your efforts to circumvent my will, everyone is awarded one additional strike. Leonard: Thanks a lot, Howard. Howard: What are you complaining about? I'm the one who has to take the class again. Penny: Where are my clothes? Sheldon: Your clothes? Penny: Yes. I left them in the washers and when I went down to get them, they were gone.

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      Sheldon: Really? Despite the sign that says: "Do not leave laundry unattended?