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I think such complaints are missing the point. Our lives are already impossible without summarisation.

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Just as the first encyclopaedias were written in response to the problem of too many books, so we, too, have evolved new, instant reference tools. Any word in an ebook can invoke its own dictionary definition, simply by selecting it.

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And while the academic study guides to major novels are usually worthless, the Wikipedia pages devoted to them can be invaluable. That is because study guides are often the work of a single, low-paid hack and the Wikipedia page contains the real-time wisdom of crowds: often wrong, but rarely worthless. What I think the literary academics are worried about is the loss of immersiveness. If I list the books I would save from a burning house — or an exploding Kindle — they all create worlds in which one can become immersed: Pynchon, Grossmann, Marquez, Lawrence Durrell in the Alexandria Quartet, Peter Carey in almost everything.

In the 20th century, we came to value this quality of immersion as literary and to see clear narratives, with characters observed only through their actions, as sub-literary. Digital people have multiple selves, and so what they are doing with an immersive story is more provisional and temporary. Somewhere among them is probably a novel that will impact as indelibly on the teenager reading it as Pynchon and Grossman impacted on me.

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I remember reading novels because the life within them was more exciting, the characters more attractive, the freedom more exhilarating than anything in the reality around me, which seemed stultifying, parochial and enclosed. To a kid reading Pynchon on a Galaxy 6 this summer, it has to compete with Snapchat and Tinder, plus movies, games and music.

Sure, that kid can no longer see what other people are reading on the beach — whether its Proust or 50 Shades — but they can see in great detail what people in their social network are recommending.

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Life itself has become more immersive. So writers are having to do different things.

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  8. But what? Topics Ebooks Opinion. Reuse this content. Finally, students were ready to use Book Creator on the iPad to create their page. As students worked on various stages of the writing process, teachers met one-on-one with the students to help them edit their writing. Because this process was quite long, not every piece of writing was perfectly edited. The writing you see, therefore, is authentic 2nd grade work and may contain some errors in spelling or grammar.

    How to Write a Book Step by Step: With a Free Book Template

    Once you sync your device with iTunes, you are able to read our ebook. How to turn your book into a flip book for the web. Being my first time using the iPads to create an ebook with students, I found that the learning curve was high for me. The part where the students used Book Creator was very straightforward and quite easy.

    Some of the issues were not learning-curve related, but were the usual school stuff: waiting for a sick student to return to school, scheduling problems, etc. The bulk of the issues were more related to management than actually using the iPads. It was management and organization, as well as the post-production that posed a challenge for me. I definitely became fluent with the process of taking screen shots and editing them on the iPad.

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    Was it worth it? I definitely learned enough to do it better next time.

    I hope that the kids are still excited about the book and that the parents will read it with them on their iPads. Can more than one student work on the same book on different iPads and the same time? Once each student has compled their part of the book can it be sycked together? It would be better to get the students to create their parts of the book in separate books, save them to Dropbox and then use 1 iPad to combine the books. Thanks for posting.